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Just because you can


Doesn’t mean you should. Take the can of self heating coffee that tempts so … drink me, I’m warm and you’re not, I have caffeine …

Now the problem with this innovation is not that the can is, impressively, self heating; no, that’s a great idea that has been tested, developed and¬†succeeds.
The problem is that they didn’t stop innovating there and invented something that Douglas Adams would recognise as almost, but not quite entirely, unlike coffee.

I will try the next self heating product I come across, but that’s mainly due to me being far too trusting. Most people presented with this will tar all self heating cans with the same brown liquid.

First impressions are important, and not just regarding people.¬† Take the recent political Twitter debate for Western Sydney; I can imagine the strategy conversation “Twitter allows people to ask questions directly of the candidates? Amazing! Let’s do that!”

Unsurprisingly we ended up with a debate that the moderator couldn’t moderate, the participants couldn’t follow, and the constituents couldn’t take anything meaningful away from.

Before you leap into the fray with your big idea stop and look; then ask yourself if you should.

Then do it anyway.