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Pedantic semantics


Social media.

What is it?

It’s not Facebook. Nor is it Twitter. They’re channels, or at best Social Mediums.

Social Media is media that is designed to be shared. It can be an image, a piece of text, a video… whatever. But the whole point of it is that it can be passed along, replicated, spread.

Social Media wants to grow. To replicate. To do this it uses channels and we, hapless fools that we are, happily multiply it filling the hard drives of everyone we know with digital duplicates.

I recently taught my father how to use Picasa (by taught I obviously mean “hey old man, quit sending me the pictures and get Google to host them.” He countered with the customary “I have no idea what you’re talking about”, and we devolved into the standard me trying to remain calm as we engage in Mac vs Pc vs Safari vs Chrome vs Boomer vs GenX vs concrete vs what the hell, how did we get here and what has that got to do with anything?) and he’s getting right into it (only took nine months). Now I not only get links, but he’s even asking me to update his site with images taken directly from the gallery instead of the ones I usually get on a CD. (I got the CD handed to me too when I went over just in case but, you know, baby steps.)

But I digress.

So, Social Media. I know it’s pedantic as all get out and not worth worrying about but it bothers me.



Yes we can

Yes we can

Three words that captured a nation and echoed around the world. What a phrase.

Why? Because it’s simple, affirming and generates commitment.

Why does the internal networking tool Yammer work so well within Deloitte Australia?

There are a few reasons* but overall it’s because it’s simple, affirming and generates commitment.
And, most of all, people believe that it is worthwhile.

Can we use social media effectively within a business environment?
Yes we can.

The belief in this allowed the executive level to get on board and encourage its use. They understood that social media ( … must … fight …  urge to be pedantic … rising … ) will make a big difference to the way people operate and didn’t slam the door on it when it became apparent that people were already using it more or less internally. They didn’t stop and ask they were going to control it, they let it go. They didn’t ask what the value was upfront, they waited to see what would fall out. Now, with two years of solid use behind it  I can dump the data and slice it a thousand ways to show various insights into the company.

Can we find value in cognitive analysis of conversations? Can we find value in knowing which people generate the most conversations? Can we find value in determining the trending topics over time?

Sure. Why not? Oops, I mean;  Yes we can.

*ok so there are lots of reasons. Here are a few you may not have heard in easy to digest listular format!

  • We’re a networky bunch of people. Our business is based on it.
  • We caught the interest of a large group of people
  • We use it to solve business problems for ourselves and our clients
  • We share social and business information alongside each other
  • It’s a sticky tool
  • We have hooked it up to our enterprise search to ensure the knowledge is reusable
  • We use it to share and develop ideas
  • People use it to listen, not just to talk
  • People are allowed to be themselves while using it